I heard Einstein got along well with his parents … relatively speaking.

Perhaps it is due to a change in perception, but it seems to me that, since we moved to England, there are more people that we know coming to England to visit. Maybe because we live here, maybe its total fluke.

This year we have had quite an influx of friends, which is always wonderful, because you really do miss out on people’s lives living so far away.


I’ve had the privilege of seeing family I hadn’t seen in over 10 years (Ian and Lee, Barb and David) which was very special; I had friends over that I never thought I would see out of South Africa and some who I knew I would see somewhere in the world – I even had a visit from the CEO of dg, which is the company I used to work for before I left.

Every time someone comes and someone goes, I realise how lucky I am to have the people that I have in my life. All of the cliché mantra’s about age and perspective, etc really are true and this goes for friendships too…I think, when you get older, you start to collect people in your life who are truly meant to be there and who have a deserved place in your life and your heart.

What amazes me more is the diversity of the  people in my life – some of my closest friends came from the most random of places…weddings, work, gym, nights out in dodgy bars, high school – and they are the people who I never thought would be the ones who stuck in the end.

All I can say is that I am grateful to the universe for the friends and family – and husband! –  I have.  Life would not be worth it without them and I am so glad that I have had the chance to see some of you this last year. As for the rest of you, well, I know we will see each other soon. :)

They want to extend the Northern line, but I think this is Morden adequate.

Perhaps this presents my degree of London newb-ness, but I got to work seething this morning…about nothing, really.

I got onto my train this morning, as I do every morning – the 7:47 to Cannon Street, and as everyone had piling in (we pile in because the train is so full, so it is very much a case of run, jump in and hope there is enough space that you don’t end up falling out – I have been known, on occasion, to throw extreme caution to the wind and sit on the floor at the end of the carriage), the conductor announced that there was a track fault further up on the line and that the train was cancelled and had been diverted to Victoria. Not the end of the world, I can deal.

They failed to mention that it would take an hour to get to Victoria (all the while I was standing and being swished around the carriage, holding onto the railings for fear of, accidentally, fly kicking my neighbours, while those smug, seated onlookers sat in their chairs, newspaper and latte in hand, being all seated and such. If I even dared to attempt to hold a newspaper and latte….). Anyway, we got to Victoria an hour and 10 minutes later (let me mention that, by this point, I was already late for work). I, then, frantically tried to find my way to the underground entrance, while half heartedly looking for a Pret-a-Manger because I really did want a coffee, but only if it didn’t require much effort. I don’t know Victoria station all that well, so it meant crossing a few paths – and, apparently, I chose to cross paths with the most miserable people in London. Holy heaven on a hot potato, but how did I dare walking in front of Madam-faux-fur-coat-with-overbearing-lipstick. I must have really ruined her morning for her to walk away tutting like that. Poor dear.

Anyway, I didn’t find a Pret, but I did find the underground entrance by following the very slow moving herd of cows people into the depths of London City. I do mean slow moving…it took me 15 minutes to complete a journey that should take about 4 minutes. Anyway, I finally squished onto a loaded tube, after loudly asking why it was so difficult for these people to move down the f***ing carriage (yes, I know…I am my father’s child) and then spent the next half an hour rebounding in an out of the tube to let people off (people have this inherent fear, it seems, that if they get off the train at a station that is not their intended station to let someone off, bad things will happen, so instead they will worm around and knock people over, or mould into the profile of another person that they don’t know, just to not get off the train. Its ridiculous). Some lady obviously saw that I was having a bad morning because she signalled to me to come over so she could give me her seat. She is my favourite person in London today.

Anyway, I eventually got to work nearly an hour late (bear in mind, I am also still on probation with this company) pissed off and ready to go home.

And I still havent had coffee.

So, like I said, I was really pissed off for nothing, because what can you do about a rail fail – it happens to every commuter in every country at one point or another.

Pencil sharpeners have a tough life – they live off tips

I know – like 4 posts in a month (half a year even!?): what is this madness!? I guess I feel a bit more inspired to write because I actually have something that I need a break from…and that is work.

Its not that it is ridiculously hectic and that I cant handle it because I definitely can, but it is relentless and, because of that, I feel the need to take a break every now and then and do something else – sometimes that break consists of writing a blog post, sometimes I take a walk in the immediate area for half an hour, sometimes it is running necessary errands. When I get to the point of needing to take a break, I will, literally, do anything as long as I am not doing work.

I also find that I have been struggling to get my eating habits back into routine since I started working in London. When I worked in Chatham, I would eat my healthy lunch, drink coffee and loads of water and then go home and have a healthy dinner and that would be it. I have either fallen into bad habits in London, or there is something else that is causing it (like being tired). Every day around 2-3pm, I feel the need to consume sugar..whether it be chocolate, or a chai latte or anything that is sweet really. I suspect it is because I am tired and need the energy – of course, I dont crave nuts, or salami or something that is better for me. Noooo. I want sugar. I also suspect that my lack of an actual, real exercise routine has something to with this. In my experience, I know that my willpower to be healthy and better is always strongest when I am incorporating a proper exercise routine into my life. The problem is that, since moving to England, I havent had a proper, regular exercise routine…I guess, in that respect, I havent settled properly….unfortunately. The first gym I joined was just terrible. I didnt like the setup, the people, the atmosphere – and so I wasted £50 a month paying for something I never went to. Eventually I cancelled my membership and am, now, patiently waiting for January to join the gym across the road from work (which also means I can gym during lunch time – much yayness! If it is convenient I have no excuse not to go – I am very disciplined in that respect :))

I was supposed to go to a Tango lesson last night, and pilates tonight (or was that Pie and Latte’s?), but I am getting sick and feeling flat and yuck as anything, so I’ve postponed my intentions to next week.

This weekend, I have committed to making eggnog for Jean, which will be a first for both of us and I have just found a recipe for chocolate banting cookies which I might have a bash at. How domestic am I?

And since I am rambling on about total bullkrap, I’d thought I’d let you know that I just have discovered coconut chunks…which, to start, are hard and quite tasteless, if not slightly sour – and you wonder if they were even worth buying or whether you should bother finishing the tub just because you paid for it. Why would anyone want to eat cubes of white, chewy, sour nothing? And then the light coconut flavour hits and it takes on a desiccated texture and it actually becomes quite pleasant – kind of like my experience with coconut water….blegh….and then woah!. And now I cant leave them alone.

The skiing competition started poorly and went downhill fast

Luckily, I watched South Park in my youth - valuable advice imparted

Luckily, I watched South Park in my youth – valuable advice imparted

In a month and 12 days time, or 41 days, I will be embarking on my first ever skiing holiday – I cant even. Wait, that is. I cant even wait.

Although I have to go without my hubcap, because his employers are being a bit douchey by not closing their company on December, 18th – I am quite unhappy about this, but I also know there is nothing I can do about it and, as the holiday is already paid, for, what can be done? I have invited one of my long-time friends, Cass, with for the two weeks, and I am looking forward to having her with me as we have never had a holiday together and I know it will be quite fun – two weeks of girlfriendness. :D

The resort we are going to is called Les Menuires in Les Trois Vallee in the French Alps – check this beauty out


I am, honestly, a little nervous about the skiing part because I know Im going to resemble a baby deer on a frozen lake and, quite possible, spend the majority of my skiing experience on my face on the snow – I mean, I know how I ice skate and that doesn’t even require going very fast.


Pretty much

The day before I head over to France, I have booked an early flight to Geneva, Switzerland (this was actually an accident – I booked the flight the day before by mistake and then decided to take advantage and see Geneva for the day and pay for overnight accommodation, instead of paying to change the flight). As I believe, Geneva is pretty small, so I am confident that one day worth of sightseeing will be sufficient. I’m pretty stoked to be able to cross another country off my list too :D

Lastly, I have booked a tango class through Wonderush for next Wednesday night, which I am pretty excited about. I haven’t danced since I was 25 when I completed my Bronze Level 2 in Ballroom and Latin and then gave up due to boredom. I have been toying with the idea of finding a dance class close to work, but nothing is very close by and many of them are fairly late in the evening, which doesn’t suit my travel situation. I also wanted to book a pilates class for Monday, but as it is Jean’s birthday, I have decided to put that off until the following Monday. Because I plan to join the gym only in January (due to too many other things to pay between now and then), the least I could do, in the meantime I reckon, if find other forms of exercise to participate in – and dancing and pilates are things I do enjoy.

Anyway, have a good weekend weirdo’s!

Peace Out!

Explain to me how comparing apples and oranges is fruitless?

Now that I have lived in England for long enough to know what is what, I thought I’d share my list of what I love about living here and what I don’t really dig…


  • Drinking alcohol at lunch time is acceptable (even though every one knows that no one is productive after a sneaky lunchtime booze up)
  • Clean trains (the smelliest thing you’ll find on a train is the bathroom…or, depending on what train you are on and the time of the year, someone else’s armpit – trust me, it happens)
  • The fact that you can buy wine (any alcohol really) any day of the week from any shop/off license that sells it…even the dodge local offie 5 minutes from our flat sells wine, and its not English Tassies either.
  • Weekends in another country for less than your monthly travel costs
  • London! I love the general vaaib of the city – it never sleeps, it is never dark and it is never quiet…that being said, I would never live in London Central. I love the dark and quiet surburbs too much
  • The countryside – when people talk of the UK, they speak of London…I never heard anyone ever mention anything about the countryside in the years before we moved here – the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful…something which I never get tired of looking at
  • WINTER! Yes, I know…what, right? I love the cold, and I love the rain; I love the promise of snow, and I love when it actually does snow. I love cosying up at home while the world freezes outside.
  • I love that summer is never ridiculously hot, but remains a temperature that most people can function on – except for the one or two days where it peaks at 30 degrees. Then its not so lekker.
  • Pinot Grigio. That one explains itself.
  • Braai’s. Yes, its not British, but the lack of Saffa-ness makes me appreciate the braai all the more, it makes the allure and act of braaiing so appealing that I, genuinely, get very excited when I know that there is a braai coming up (this Sunday btw :D ). The British BBQ just doesnt cut it.
  • Online shopping..anything you have ever wanted delivered to your door or office. Literally. Ever. (To my detriment sometimes…“oh, groceries..hmm…but…this picture of a cat version of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night………..well, Im sure we can live on soup for the rest of the month, cant we?”
  • Winter Wonderland…mulled wine, German food, fairy lights and a Xmas market? Um, yes please.
  • The abundance of historical sites to visit. I need my castle fix, mkay.
  • The fact that Health and Safety is enforced everywhere – “oh your chair is hurting your back? Let me buy you this massage chair with super lumbar support and a complimentary masseuse”.
  • Fast internet – Oh, hello, streaming of everything forever and goodbye downloading for days on end on torrentday.
    • The people are cool too…mostly.

Not Lekker:

  • As previously discussed – people with umbrellas in London
  • Council Tax
  • Parish Council Tax
  • Polite Telemarketers who insist on repeating the same thing to you a millions times no matter how much you shout at them/disagree with them/tell them that you can have any PPE claims because you didn’t live in the UK 2 years ago
  • Dart Charge – I hate driving over that bridge, and they, literally, make me pay for it
  • Having most of my family and friends a million kilometers away, on another continent
  • Fireworks – for everything! Remembrance day? Fireworks. Halloween? Fireworks. Easter? Fireworks. Friday? Fireworks! Enough of the LOUD, exploding smoke bombs in the sky! They are noisy. And my cats dont like them. so STAHP. Please!
  • That’s it

Sufficed to say, the pro’s outweigh the cons. :D

Have a good weekend, binary people!

Peace out!

Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella? Fo’Drizzle

I’m just grumpy as f*** today.

I love rain and cold, I really do – I would take it over heat and sunshine almost all the time (at the end of winter though, sunshine is always a promising promise from summer), but today it has made me grumpy. Not because it is raining or because it is cold (its not that cold actually), but because I had to walk to the station in the rain, because I didn’t have money on me for the bus and so my takkies (trainers if you are not a saffa) were soaked through, my coat was getting soggy and my backpack might as well have become a water carrier. In addition, the up hill walk to the station makes me hot and bothered, so I arrived at the station with soggy everything and hot and sweaty. My hair was a combination of being slicked to my forehead with humidity mince and my make-up had smudged around my eyes. Poor people that had to sit next to me on the train.

For a change my train was late and took its sweet time to crawl into London, so we probably got in about 5 or 10 minutes late (and for every South African who chortles at the first world annoyance of late trains and responds with a “you’re lucky the train even arrives”, lets chat when you have been living in a first world country for long enough to become accustomed to a first world lifestyle – as I always say: The only problems I have are first world problems). I then had the privilege of hitting the pavement with 300 million people and their stupid umbrellas. People seem to think that umbrella are magical rain protectors made out of magic, that don’t knock out half of the oncoming population when you dont move it out of the way. Or that it wont smack a bitch in the face when you don’t close it – or at least lift it up – while walking through a construction tunnel. I mean, I have, literally been stuck in a pedestrian traffic jam on a side-walk because of people with umbrellas. A real world comparison to this phenomenon would be when people forget how to drive properly when it rains…people forget how to walk semi-considerately (because lets be honest, people are only semi-considerate while walk-commuting to work in London…they would walk over you if you fell down and it meant that they were going to be late for being 2 hours early for work) when they possess the magical invention that is the umbrella.


Well thats me for today.


Updates and Rants

So, yesterday was the end of Daylight Savings – which to me is not normal because we arrived here in BST (British Summer Time), which means I am used to being just an hour behind South Africa….we’re now 2 hours behind and it is weird. Granted the only time is really makes any difference is either when you want to Skype someone not in the UK and realise it is now too late because it is dinner/lunch/bed time in SA, or in the mornings and evenings because its not/it is dark when you dont expect it to be. 6:30pm rolled around yesterday evening and I felt like it was time for bed….upon looking at the clock, I decided it was not (because who goes to bed at 6.30pm!?)

I was glad to discover that I’m not the only person in the UK that is perplexed by this shifting time zone thing – some of my British colleagues become as confused as I am by all of this, which is comforting to say the least.

This weekend was quite lovely and while Friday evening and Sunday were spent, largely, at home under blankets on the couch chillaxing (because I am commuting in London every day now, I appreciate down time at home so much more – commuting takes it out of you…and I guess the idea of knowing that you have to travel far everyday makes you appreciate and want to spend time at home), Saturday saw us rather busy.

Jean was supposed to mountain biking with the step Faja, but decided that they weren’t up for it, so we all met for coffee in Maidstone High Street instead – as always, we laughed ourselves silly and made a noise, as we do. I really do have a comedic family, which I am so glad for. I’d hate to have coffee with boring people. :P

Jean and I then popped into Sainsbury to buy a few groceries, and then stopped in at the mamman to pick up some stuff (a casserole dish and curry spices, if you must know) before heading home. As soon as we got home, I proceeded to morph into super housewife and whipped up a (seriously) delicious Durban curry (okay, whip is a bit strong…it took about 3 hours to cook), (seriously) delicious Malva pudding (if you want the recipe, let me know) and clean the house up as we had Clare and Mike coming around for dinner…and I had wine to drink, so I needed to prepare.

I’m proud to report that the dinner went down well, and no one has food poisoning – which I take as a sign of a job well done (yes, my requirements for a successful evening are only that I not make my guests ill :P). I had such a lovely time with our friends and really have missed being able to have people around to entertain (yes, Mom, you guys are next, I promise).

While opening up my blog today, I glanced upon a blog post written by a South African youth about the riots that took place last week and I felt annoyed. The reason I felt annoyed is not because of the riots, but more because I am getting quite sick of how self-righteous people can be. I understand that a blog is definitely a very self righteous place – you are effectively talking about yourself and your life, which people then read, but, I guess, I am just quite tired of seeing and reading people and their self righteousness everywhere. I follow a few Banting groups on Facebook and I am just so sick of seeing people go on and on and on about how much they love the group and how amazing they are because they have lost 2 kgs. Yes, you are amazing, I wont deny it – but do you need to tell everyone how amazing you are every single day just so that people will agree with you and compliment you?

This is kind of the same feeling I had about this girl’s post to the youth of 2015 – yes, the students are amazing for what they accomplished last week and yes, they are obviously made of tough stuff to have stood up to the government and the police like that and yes, I support the movement wholeheartedly, but for heavens sake, can everyone stop with the self-righteous we-own-the-world, we-will-take-you-out-if-you-dont-support-us krap. I had some varsity fairy spend some time trying to label me as a racist with double standards last week because I noted, on a picture of a varsity leader that happened to be a woman and non-white, that it would be nice if people ruled out the race identifier completely and just celebrated the fact that it was a woman who was leading. This girl tried to imply that I was racist because I was “offended” by the fact that she was not white. Because I didn’t want to be condescending and rude, I explained nicely that part of the reason why race is such an issue in South Africa is because South Africans insist on making an issue out of it. When applying for a job in South Africa is is a requirement to state your race – I mean for heavens sake! In the UK, the only thing you state when applying for a job is your name, contact details and work history. People do not care if you are 20 or 40, if you are pink, green black or blue – if you have the experience and are the best person for the job then who cares what colour you are. This is what has made me realise that South Africans (and any other nationality which lays heavy emphasis on skin melamine levels) should just GET OVER IT.

Anyway, I have no idea if that last part made any sense, but it is my pet peeve for today.

And now I am done…and I am going to get a coffee from Nero before someone tries to interview me about working at Access (because someone is floating around the office doing that).